PostHeaderIcon What Kind of Paper Should I use for my Wedding Invitations?

Thinking about what kind of paper you want to use for your wedding invitations is time well spent.  The look and feel of a wedding invitation can vary widely depending on what kind of paper stock you use.  Brides have more choices of paper than ever before that are reasonably priced and will give beautiful results. 

Cotton and Linen Wedding Invitations:  Invitations made from cotton or linen last for a long time, however, these invitations are usually the most expensive.  These papers have a distinctive texture and feel when you run your hand over them.  While 100% cotton or linen papers are a little pricey, there are many blends made that still look and feel as good, but cost much less. 

* Vellum Wedding Invitations:  Vellum papers have become quite popular recently.  Usually, they are a translucent looking paper.  Or, this paper is layered on a heavy card stock to allow the wording to be seen through the vellum.  For a soft, frosted, look, heavier vellums are printed on directly.  It is possible to find these papers reasonably priced, so be sure to look around for the best deal. 

*  Heavy Card Stock Wedding Invitations:  This is the most commonly used paper for wedding invitations.  Available in many colors and textures, this paper still has a good feel with less cost than cotton or linen.  Many times, heavy card stock is imprinted with borders and foils.  This paper ages as well as cotton or linen papers and will be easy to put into a picture frame. 

* Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations:  Recycled paper has become much more popular in recent years and with the recent innovations in paper manufacturing, one cannot tell the difference between recycled and virgin paper.  Brides have many choices of colors, weights and textures of recycled papers to choose from.  Recycled papers today, unlike those of the past, are as durable as regular papers.  Fortunately, recycled papers come in many different price points so it is possible to find something for any budget. 

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